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 Self-proclaimed “Urban Flower Child”, I am inspired by the contrasts of hippies & gangsters, urban & natural environments, light & dark energy, . The music I create is a blend of Soul & Folk. While taking notes from artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Erykah Badu, my sound remains uniquely its own.

I was raised in the woods of Calahoo, Alberta & at the age of 22 the Pacific Ocean called me to Vancouver, BC. It was on the West Coast that I experienced the “big city” life and immersed myself in urban culture. Currently living in Calgary, AB I have found the best of both the natural & urban worlds. My lifestyle and music are parallels of one another. Inspired by personal experience and imagination, my creations reflect the essence of Who I Am.

Creating authentic, soulful music gives me immense joy & sharing this with my audience is an incomparable experience that I want to continue for years to come.

On my artistic journey I intend to do more than create art…I intend to create a Movement. My vision is that everyone find the “spark” within themselves and ignite it. Recreate the vision we have of ourselves by using our gifts & talents. Recreate our visions of one another by sharing these gifts with one another. Create a community of collaboration, across all mediums. Create a community where athletes, poets, painters, designers, business people & musicians like myself work together, finding beauty in one another’s work. Together we re-define the “artist.” Together we create a new dimension of collaboration.


Together we create the Eyeconic Art Movement




Chasing the Moonlight

Performed by Jess Smith
Written by Jess Smith
Visuals by Greg Holmes

Unaware (Cover)

Written by Allen Stone
Performed by Jess Smith & Moel
Visuals by Vince Raquel


Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith
Visuals by Vince Raquel



Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith

Feelin’ For Your Love

Written by Jess Smith & Jordan Gonzaga
Performed by Jess Smith & Jordan Gonzaga


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Eyeconic Art Movement


I’d love to sit and chat. I am always open to collaborating. I love performing for a live audience, whether at your venue, art show, private party, or wedding. Feel free to send a message directly to jess@eyeconicartmovement.ca or leave a message here.

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