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Self-proclaimed “Urban Flower Child”, I am inspired by the contrasts of Hippies / Gangsters, Natural / Urban environments, Light / Dark energy. The music I create is a blend of Soul and Folk. The artists who inspire me most – Sarah McLachlan, Erykah Badu, Train and Robert Glasper Experiment – possess an ethereal energy and are masters of their craft.

Everything began in the woods of Calahoo, Alberta, where I was raised. When my parents heard me practicing along to CDs for hours, they enrolled me in singing lessons. In 2010 I was accepted into Grant MacEwan University, where I received my diploma for Vocal Performance in Jazz and Popular Music. At university I developed amazing relationships and in 2013 our Neo-Soul band, The Jess Smith Project, performed in the Edmonton Jazz Festival.

A few years later, I headed to the west coast to pursue my career in Vancouver, British Columbia. There I experienced urban life and learned immensely about myself as I struggled to survive and create a living from music. Because I lived one block from Hastings and Main St, I was surrounded by poverty, drugs and disease. Since I was young I have been called to support those who are vulnerable and this experience solidified that. It showed me disparity and helped me cultivate deep compassion for those struggling. As I have grown and gained confidence in who I am, I have decided to share my learnings that vulnerability does not equate to weakness. Using music, I want to help reignite people’s spark and in extreme cases, their will to live. Art has always been my number one support system and it is something that comes from within. It is deeply powerful knowing we have resources within ourselves to grow and heal. I feel it is my calling to support others along their journey of finding this within themselves. I believe every one of us has a gift. I was blessed enough with community who supported me in cultivating my gifts. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, so I am here to support the next person.

Calgary, Alberta is where I now call home. Here I have found the best of both the natural and urban worlds and here I am able to support myself with music. I have been selected by both the Calgary Drop In Centre and the Canadian Mental Health Association to work with their organizations in an artistic capacity. This month I completed my debut album, “REVEALED”, which explores the many facets of my being. This album was written, recorded and produced solely on my own.

As I move into this next year, I am looking to expand my cliental. I am booking private lessons in Voice, Songwriting, Beginner Piano & Guitar, Theory & Ear Training. I am hosting workshops on Creative Expression and Songwriting. You may also book me for public speaking engagements. And of course, I am always available for performances (weddings, events, venue bookings, etc). A great part of the Eyeconic Art Movement is collaboration with others. Artists, business people, “spiritual gurus”, athletes, whoever you are, if you feel our energy aligns and we could create something together, feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Jess

Together we create the Eyeconic Art Movement




Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith
Visuals by Vince Raquel


Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith
Visuals by Kyle Smith, Vince Raquel & Asim Overstands


Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith
Visuals by Vince Raquel


Land of the Sun

Written by Jess Smith 
Performed by Jess Smith 


Written by Jess Smith
Performed by Jess Smith

Feelin’ For Your Love

Written by Jess Smith & Jordan Gonzaga
Performed by Jess Smith & Jordan Gonzaga

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